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Why do we still have a headache after taking a 1p aspirin which disappears when we take a 50p one? And why are we attracted to a 2for1 meal discount but fail to save for a pension? Most of the time we think we’re making rational decisions. But are we really?

Don’t miss this entertaining mix of stand-up and neuroscience, as award-winning, five-star author Bernard Ross challenges your assumptions about just how smart you are and explains the rules you follow to make predictable mistakes.

Whether you’re buying wine or trying to lose weight, shopping for food or dating, you overpay, underestimate and procrastinate. Be prepared to laugh and learn – while you learn to stop being predictably irrational.

2019’s sell out show returns for 2020

Sadly with the Fringe cancelled there will be no live show. But thanks to our clever friends at The Space you will be able to see an edit of the show online. Free!

Have you ever?

  • Paid upfront for gym membership and then not gone?
  • Not taken your medication as prescribed?
  • Not paid off your credit card bill when you had the money?
  • Drunk too much alcohol or eaten the “wrong” kinds of food when on a diet?
  • Bought an electronic product and then not used all the features?
  • Donated blood or made a donation to charity?
  • Taken pleasure from giving a gift or helping a stranger?

You’re predictably irrational!
This show can help you sort your life out but only if you book now.


This also happened with Capt Tom & 'it's for the NHS' appeal.

It's interesting that in cases like this, so many people 'default to trust'.

I'd love to see #WooltonPictureHouse survive & *would* give to help that happen.

But tell me how my money will achieve that goal.


This is possibly the best thing I have seen on Twitter, ever. To all the anti-vax, anti-mask, anti-everything people, this is the logical conclusion of “freedom”. Please read it. All of you.

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What They're Saying

Made me laugh out loud - alot!
— Harvey Mckinnon, Vancouver
Why do I do those crazy things? Laughing at myself. Bernard explained it - but I’ll stop now!
— Alan Hutson, Charlottesville
An incredibly enjoyable and educational show. 5 star content and 5 star performer.
— Anna Esslemont, London
So much fun, so many ideas.
— Thomas Kurmann, NYC
I booked as soon as the tickets went on sale - a must see show!
— Dana Segal, Manchester